A* Episode 4 gets #8 :) -- Also, a daily A* comic?

2009-06-26 05:37:01 by smbhax

A* Episode 4 made daily #8 on P-Bot's list for 6/24/2009.

Thanks P-Bot and voters! :)

Also, what would you think about new A* story material coming to you on a daily basis in non-animated, single-frame form--like a daily webcomic, pretty much, except that you'd usually be getting 3-5 single-panel updates per day. And then at the end of a month or so, it would all be animated, scored, and vocalized in the Flash version of the latest episode.

There's a demo (Episode 1 in "daily" form) and a debate right now about this proposal on the A* forum, so go check it out, and please let me know what you think of the idea!


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