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Huh! An artist.

Glad I waited before reviewing this, because it's turned out to be one of the few Flashes I've seen here that gets even better on repeat viewing. Particularly love the main character's voice, just a brilliant parody of the typical American voice dub.

I was tempted to give it a 9 just so you wouldn't think you'd mastered this genre of parody and quit, but after seeing it again, I've just got to risk the full score and hope you'll do more of these anyway.

Amusing interpretation of a good nutty song

Many elements of this are brilliant, I was particularly fond of the Valkyrie chorus. I like the way you synced animations to the scratching, that was very effective.

I think it could benefit from having an overall story (like the first official video by the Avalanches) or theme (like their second video version) tying together the separate elements, and keeping the viewer interested through some of the repeated parts.

Still, the animation was amusing enough and the song good enough to keep me watching this one all the way through.


Ah that is a nice soundtrack. I wasn't all that into the art/animation until the dudes with the box (?!) heads showed up: nice drawing on them, and I like the stylized b&w effects you got in parts of that brief fight scene, like when the hero goes all silhouette on us.

urban-wolf100 responds:

Thanks smbhax
i designed them to be like an abstract gang with robot masks.
i was thinking of doing a sequel to this, wht do you guys think?

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Oddly hypnotic

I don't even have much of a problem with police, but there's just something about this song that's so nice to listen to--great rhythm, and the voices fit perfectly.

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You got an impressive feeling of light through colored glass with those colored pencils; very well done on the colors and tones. The lines could use some work: the left eye is a bit off, and the hand as mentioned below; lines across the torso are also a little plain and don't really feel like they're representative of clothing over a chest. The general pose, however, really is reminiscent of a stained-glass window, good work there.

Me too

This inspired me to check out the Flash. Wild stuff, Tofu-man. Welcome to the Art Portal.


From the game of the same name, right? Methinks I see that big loading thing suspended above the planet that you see close up at the end of the game. The colors and textures really capture the cold and haunting atmosphere, and I like the dark foreground detail in the lower left.

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